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Increase your chances of getting into your best-fit college.

The college admissions process can be stressful and overwhelming, but you don’t have to go through it alone. My proven, one-on-one, customized game plan will help you and your child prepare for, find, and increase your chances of getting into your best-fit college.

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Strategic College Advisors is your go-to provider of guidance for every step of the college planning and application process.

As founder of Strategic College Advisors, I believe that every student deserves a knowledgeable dedicated person to guide them through this exciting and potentially life-changing process. 

I also believe that every student and family is unique. 

Therefore I will spend time with you on a one-on-one basis, get to know your unique interests, abilities, goals and dreams before putting together YOUR personalized game plan.

Customized support and recommendations begin from when you sign up for my services and continue until you make your final college decision.

Yes, YOUR future deserves this level of individualized attention!

Why work with Strategic College Advisors?

College admissions are getting more competitive and more complex. While trying their best, guidance counselors at U.S. public schools don’t have the time or budget to invest in getting to know you and your student well enough to provide custom 1-on-1 mentoring. Compared to private schools and to many peers who have already hired private admission coaches, your child may be at a significant disadvantage.

The college admissions process is stressful. Keeping track of everything, wondering whether you are doing enough or doing it correctly, having to nag or feeling nagged, all spell a potential for unnecessary fights or disaster even between parents and students who have the best relationship. Let me help manage the entire process and leave you with nothing but great memories of your last couple of years before they head off to college!

According to the U.S. Dept. of Education, there are almost 4,000 colleges and universities in the country. How do you narrow them down to a few that you will apply to? After acceptances roll in, how do you choose the best one for you? Let’s help you, from Shortlisting to Final Decision.  

Data shows that as many as 50 to 75% of all undergraduate students change majors at least one time before earning a degree. Oftentimes, changing a major means adding extra credits which may extend how long it takes to complete the degree thereby costing more money. Similarly, having to transfer because the chosen college was a poor fit or doesn’t have the new major can be costly due to some credits not transferring.

Our Services

Comprehensive packages or choose only what you need... 

Foundations Program

For 9-10th graders

College Planning & Application Package

For 11-12th graders

Athletic Recruiting Program

For 9th-12th graders

Paying for College Program

Parents & Students, 9th-rising 12th graders

Hourly 1:1 sessions

Any interested student & parent

Initial Consultation - Free

Any interested parent & student

About Me 

Meet the founder, Ronke Olatilo, MBA, LPC.

I am a researcher, problem solver, strategist, professional counselor, and mother. I am a lifelong learner. I spent over fifteen years in various corporate roles spanning, research and development as an engineer, product management, marketing, and business development.

Throughout my years in the corporate world, I often found myself identifying and creating opportunities to mentor, advise and share my knowledge with others. Driven by my strong desire to help and mentor people, I returned to graduate school, obtained my Master’s in Professional Counseling, and became a licensed professional counselor (LPC).

In my various roles as counselor, I found that I was most fulfilled when coaching clients who were working on personal growth and development or working through making major life decisions. I enjoy gathering data, analyzing it, and uncovering insights to aid my clients’ decision making. I have used my strong listening and problem-solving skills to fully understand clients’ and then work with them to achieve their goals. I have also used these skills to help friends and family members with career and college decisions which I thoroughly enjoy. To that end I have now turned my focus to college admissions counseling and mentoring.

In developing my unique approach to college admissions counseling, I pulled not only from my corporate and counseling backgrounds but also from my broad educational experiences which enables me to connect with students who also have multiple interests and curiosities. I have a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from The City College of New York, an MBA from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, and a M.A. in Professional Counseling from Liberty University. With my educational experience in STEM, social sciences, and business, I am able to easily assist students with translating their educational goals into real world careers that hold the potential of providing them with fulfillment and success.


My College & Graduate School Application Story

Although born in the U.S., I completed my elementary and high school education outside of the U.S. I returned just in time to attend college.

Returning to America post-high school meant I did not have guidance counselors, mentors, or coaches to help me navigate my college application process. I completed applications all on my own therefore I know from experience how confusing and stressful the college admission process in the U.S. can feel for those not familiar with it. First-generation students, children of immigrants, and students whose parents may have even attended college in the U.S. but did so two to three decades ago, often share the same feelings of overwhelm when navigating the process today. Things have become much more nuanced and competitive than it was back then!

When I returned to the U.S. after completing high school internationally, I did not realize all that went into putting together a winning application for highly selective colleges. In fact, I did not fully appreciate the different types of colleges that existed and the differences in career outcomes that may result from going to my local public- vs private- vs out of state public- known specifically for my major. Furthermore, I did not realize that as a child from a low-income, single-mother family I could potentially identify colleges that will meet my financial need as well as grant me merit aid. Long story short, I proceeded to attend my local college just because it was what I saw near me! I realize in hindsight that I left so many things on the table when it came to identifying my best-fit college because of lack of information.

Fast forward to when I applied to graduate school (2 separate graduate degrees, over 10 years apart), I was more methodical about the process because I had a better understanding of myself and what I wanted out of my education. I learned a lot through research and from going through my own educational experiences. With this knowledge and experiences I have helped others, including my daughter, find their best-fit colleges. 

Let me work with you and your student to gain a better understanding of the current college admission process, take the stress out of it, and improve the chances of you gaining admission to your best-fit college.

I meet with students/families from anywhere across the country or the world virtually, and can travel to meet with families in person when all parties are comfortable and within an hour drive of the Lehigh Valley in PA.

A Success Story

Apart from being a college admissions counselor, I am a mom to two lovely children, Demi and Derin. At the time I’m writing this (Spring 2022), Demi is a high school senior who I have been honored to help navigate through her high school career and through the college admissions process. Our outcome after four years of hard work was that Demi was admitted early decision to her dream ivy-league college, The University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) where she would be in the Wharton School of Business. This is quite an accomplishment since Upenn only admitted 5.9% of their total applicants of over 56,000 in 2021!

You may wonder, “How exactly did you help your daughter gain the college admission of her dreams?” Glad you asked! My main tip is to start planning early; you cannot go back in time to change or add certain things that would become an integral part of your college application package in 12th grade. My daughter Demi recalls that she stumbled upon the concept of ivy-league schools sometime in middle school (probably in 7th grade) and was curious. She then watched many videos of ivy-league students explaining how they got in which got her more excited. Demi shared her dream of someday attending an ivy-league with me and this marked the beginning of our college preparation journey.


Being a researcher at heart, I began my own research on what it would take to get my daughter  into an ivy league school. I soon discovered that there was a laundry list of things that were important to becoming the student that ivy-league admissions officers would say YES to. Here’s a summarized list:

  • Course selection - choosing challenging coursework (rigor) and getting top grades.
  • Extracurricular activities - involvement and demonstrating leadership qualities often in novel ways.
  • Career and Major exploration.
  • Planning summer activities.
  • Standardized testing (PSAT/NMSQT,  SAT or ACT) strategy.
  • Developing a broad college exploration list. Conducting research to refine the list. 
  • Identifying which colleges to visit. Developing a plan.  
  • Narrowing down exploration college list to college application list.
  • Exploring athletic recruiting.
  • Standing out with the Common App & Supplemental essays
  • Deciding which teachers to ask for letters of recommendations and how.
  • Completing the Common App while showcasing strengths and accomplishments.
  • Interview preparation.
  • Exploring Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Understand financial aid award and appealing award as needed 
  • Developing strategies for possibility of being denied, waitlisted or deferred
  • Most importantly, reducing stress and staying on schedule/meeting deadlines!


As you can see, there is a lot to manage in the getting into college process these days. My passion is to mentor many more students like I did my daughter! I would like to help each individual student prepare and present great applications to colleges that represent great academic, social, cultural, and financial fit for them no matter what their individual profile is!


Foundations Program (9-10th graders)

Strategize early, build your profile, and stand out from your peers. Laying the foundation for gaining admission to the best college for you starts years before you actually apply.

In this program I will: 

  • Review student’s current educational and personal profile. 
  • Provide guidance on course selection tailored to your academic interests.
  • Assist in identifying and engaging in unique extracurricular activities
  • Research and assist in summer planning to match student’s interests. 
  • Develop standardized testing strategy: test prep plan, testing schedule, PSAT, ACT vs. SAT or Test-Optional? 
  • Facilitate career and college major exploration: interests, dislikes, personality, and career assessment.
  • (FOR PARENTS) Discuss Things you need to know NOW about Financial Aid and Paying for college. 
  • (FOR ATHLETES) Develop plan for competitive athletes interested in exploring playing their sport in college. (Also see Athletic Recruiting Package below).


Format: Two 1-on-1 meetings (virtually or in-person if feasible), with up to 10 follow up phone calls or texts/emails throughout the year. Program ends at the end of each school year.  

College Planning & Application Package (11-12th graders)

High GPAs and perfect scores are just part of the picture especially for students applying to highly selective colleges or programs. How you distinguish yourself via everything else i.e. your uniqueness, is what makes the difference between getting in or not.

This comprehensive coaching/mentoring service helps you with every step of the application process and goes all the way up to when the final college decision has been made typically May 1st of senior year. It includes:

College Prep:

  • Review current educational and personal profile to identify strengths.
  • Develop and execute plan to continue enhancing student profile.  
  • Develop and execute optimal SAT/ACT testing plan.
  • Revisit Personality and Career Interests Assessments (Xello, Naviance, etc).
  • Complete assessments if not previously done.


College Selection:

  • Guide in developing short list of Careers of Interest. 
  • Guide student in further Career Research as needed.
  • Assist in choosing a College Major or Career path.
  • Explore college preferences of student and of parents.
  • Understand Financial Aid options and potential impact on college choices.
  • Develop strategy for completing some college tours and attending a few college admissions rep presentations at your high school (if offered)
  • Select right mix of colleges spanning safety schools, match schools, and reach schools.
  • Curate final college application list.


Application Process:

  • Explore various college application strategies, Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, and how they apply to student’s application list.
  • Identify optimal strategy to increase admission chances for each college on student’s list. 
  • Assist with strategy for recommendation requests.
  • Assistance brainstorming, drafting, and editing application essays.
  • Execute college application strategy with our individualized support and check-ins as needed
  • Admissions or Scholarship Interview preparation.
  • Guidance through a wait-list situation if needed.


Decision Making:

  • Meeting to discuss admissions decisions, if desired
  • Review college merit aid awards and advise on appeal process, if desired
  • Meetings to discuss next steps for college success, if desired

Format: 1-on-1 meetings (virtual or in-person), offline research by mentor, emails, texts, video chats, phone calls to answer all your questions.

Athletic Recruiting Program

Are you an athlete interested in exploring playing your sport in college? The Athletic Recruiting Package includes education and guidance on getting recruited and completing the application process. Some specifics are:

  • Understanding the Athletic Recruiting process: the ins and outs of what works
  • NCAA eligibility: check whether student’s classes meet the NCAA Clearinghouse requirement
  • The distinctions between NCAA Divisions I, II, & III, NAIA, NJCAA
  • Understanding how athletic scholarships really work
  • Developing a timeline for communication, follow-ups, and information
  • Developing strong application materials especially those specific to athletic recruitment – athletic resumes, communication with coaches, etc.
  • Preparing to meet the Coach and understand the Program: official and unofficial visits
  • Athletic application timelines including SAT/ACT testing timeline, academic pre-reads, etc
  • Prepare to succeed as both an athlete and student
  • Our approach is very individualized. Unlike most recruiting services, we do not blast hundreds of resumes to colleges and wait to see which respond. Instead, we target and actively pursue a defined group of colleges and coaches that are a good fit for the student.

Format: 1-on-1 meeting (virtually or in-person), offline research by mentor, follow up phone calls, video chats or texts/emails.

Paying for College Program

College tuition has risen drastically over the past 20 years. According to U.S. News & World Report, the average tuition and fees at private National Universities have jumped 144%. Out-of-state tuition and fees at public National Universities have risen 171%. While in-state tuition and fees at public National Universities have grown the most, increasing by a whopping 211%! Families have been feeling the pinch and quite frankly, the shock, when their first child reaches college age. This program aims to help families:

  • Understand the financial aid process and your eligibility for all types of aid – grants, needs-based, merit-based and scholarships
  • Integrate college admission planning with your likelihood of receiving merit-based aid
  • Plan for and complete your FAFSA, CSS Profile, IDOC and school specific financial aid forms
  • Negotiate to increase and maximize your financial aid awards
  • Compare financial aid awards for in-state and out-of-state options
  • Understand your prepaid tuition plan, 529 investments and applicable IRS 1040 educational tax credit and deductions
  • Clarify and compare financial award letters
  • Understand Student and Parent PLUS Loan Options
  • Guide Decision Making: Realizing your educational goals while making a wise educational investment

Format: One 1-on-1 meeting (virtually or in-person), with follow up phone calls or texts/emails.

Hourly 1:1 Sessions


  • Building a college exploration and college application list
  • Selecting the right college or university
  • Choosing a College Major or Career
  • Optimized ACT/SAT testing schedule 
  • Admissions or Scholarship Interviews
  • Scholarships Searches and Application Support
  • Finding Summer Enrichment and Internship
  • Campus Visits – Strategy & Getting the most out of the visits  
  • Resume-Building
  • Demonstrating Leadership
  • Developing Community Service Projects
  • Consultation on high school course selection 
  • Literally any aspect of the college planning and application process you need help on!


Initial Consultation 

30-minute phone consultation: FREE 

No matter where you are in the process, let's get on the phone and see how I can help move you forward!

Begin your journey towards your best-fit college now!

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